Self Serve ISA and GIA

Welcome to the ‘Self Serve’ ISA and GIA area of our website. Please watch this short video about investment risk and take a look at the frequently asked questions section.

We currently have two investment philosophies for you to choose from.


The investment industry debates the merits of active investment management versus passive investment management with an almost religious fervour. Our view is both have their relative pros and cons and the appropriateness of one over the other can change during various investment market cycles.

Conviction simply means an investment manager is given the choice to alter the balance between the two styles on an ongoing basis as they see fit.


Ethically influenced purchasing decisions are now firmly established as part of everyday life. The use of labels such as ‘fair trade’, ‘organic’, ‘ethically traded’, ‘recycled’, ‘sustainable’ and ‘low carbon emissions’ is on the increase, as both businesses and individuals recognise their benefits.

Investors’ interest in Ethical investing has also been on the increase. Recognising that not all ethical investors will have the same preferences we have four ‘flavours’ for you to choose from.

Frequently asked questions

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